Spies, Spooks, and Hackers™

Statement of Intent

For Law Enforcement and Concerned Parents.

The following warning is available on the main page of the game's site, as well as in the Terms of Service for signing up.


This is a game.  At times it may have a high content of violence.  It may contain sexual content and or mature subject matter.  There are agents of governments, both real and imagined, and story elements about criminals and criminal acts.  However as the first comment states it is a GAME.  If you BELIEVE otherwise I seriously ask that you seek professional psychiatric help.

All of the people, events, and places presented are purely fictional and have no basis upon any real person, place, or event.  It does not reflect in any matter the beliefs of any of the players or the people running the game. No player or staff member (Game Masters or Referees or anyone else) will commit any kind of crime in the playing of this game or blame any crime commited on this game. It is meant for entertainment purposes only and everything is to remain fictional. For further information go and read the Terms of Service you will have to agree to upon joining this game.

Spies, Spooks, and Hackers™ in no way condones or solicits real instances of illegal narcotics use, violent behaviour, criminal acts, acts of treason and sedition, or the practice of the occult.


Certain forms of Encryption and Decryption are a part of the game as are hidden secret messages used in playing the game. The Encryption and Decryption engines are simple search and replace programs, not actual high-end encryption such as that used to secure online payment transactions. These programs are available for use by anyone who has access to the URL from which they run and the appropriate password. They are otherwise not restricted or protected (except by copyright). The Terms of Service forbid players and staff from sharing the passwords required to access the programs outside of participation within the game, of course requiring accepting the Terms of Service.

Should it be necessary for legal reasons, or reasons of safety the methods for decryption of messages are available upon request. There is no guarantee however that having the decryption keys will successfully decrypt a given message. Repeated passes through the encryption engines, particularly different ones, will make the encrypted messages unreadable unless the exact method of encryption is reversed using the proper decryptions in the proper order. Likewise encryption methods that require separate key codes or decryption key codes cannot easily be cracked without them if at all. There is no logging of encryption use (the system lacks capability) either.