Spies, Spooks, Hackers™

Hints for How to Find the URL
to Join this Game

For starters when looking for a hidden message on a web page you should select the whole page as if you were going to paste it out into another program. For Windows users press Ctrl-A. For everyone Windows or Mac, go to the "Edit" menu and pick "Select All" or Right-Click your mouse and pick "Select All". Then look for words and things that didn't appear when nothing was selected. There are more hints hidden below, try one of these processes to read them.

If you want to sign-up for this game and really can't figure out how to find the link hidden in the coded message here is what you do. Use your mouse. Some of the letters aren't just letters. Collect those and decode them. They are your way in.

To decode them you have to decode the word that they are hidden in. There is no way to do it with just the letters of the url. The url is also not complete, it is just the web page name. To use it, once you have it, your address should read http://www.batteredspleenproductions.com/ssh/"thehiddenurlname" without the double quotes.

If you are having problems decoding the message, the key is written in the code "Mizuno is gawdly". Write out the alphabet in a single line. Underneath that replace the letters in "Mizuno" with the letters in "gawdly". Replace the letters in "gawdly" with the letters in "Mizuno". All the other letters stay in their normal places. Now you can decode the message.

When the game begins there will be little programs created that will encode messages and decode messages so that people don't have to do it by hand. There are several cyphers (things used to en(de)code messages) that the game will use. Each one is more powerful than the previous to crack. Two of the strongest cyphers require two parts to work. The absolutely strongest cypher created for the game may actually be impossible for a person or computer to break without the key. The stronger codes will have to be earned. Finding messages will be an important part of the game just as will be earning the decoders or making contact with others who are in possession of them.

Good Luck!


This is a game.  At times it may have a high content of violence.  It may contain sexual content and or mature subject matter.  There are agents of governments, both real and imagined, and story elements about criminals and criminal acts.  However as the first comment states it is a GAME.  If you BELIEVE otherwise I seriously ask that you seek professional psychiatric help.

All of the people, events, and places presented are purely fictional and have no basis upon any real person, place, or event.  It does not reflect in any matter the beliefs of any of the players or the people running the game. No player or staff member (Game Masters or Referees or anyone else) will commit any kind of crime in the playing of this game or blame any crime commited on this game. It is meant for entertainment purposes only and everything is to remain fictional. For further information go and read the Terms of Service you will have to agree to upon joining this game.

Spies, Spooks, and Hackers™ in no way condones or solicits real instances of illegal narcotics use, violent behaviour, criminal acts, acts of treason and sedition, or the practice of the occult.