Spies, Spooks, and Hackers™

What is Spies, Spooks, Hackers™?

Spies, Spooks, Hackers™ is a game, that much should be clear by the big warning on the main page. What kind of game is it? It's something like a pen and paper RPG (Role Playing Game) along the lines of AD&D® or Cyberpunk 2020® or Rifts®. At the same time Spies, Spooks, Hackers™ is something more, or at least something different, because the best way to play it is online. That would be why you are here instead of reading a book, or downloading a pdf (though I'll get to that soon enough to make things easier for everyone).

If you cannot figure out how to signup from the page that sent you here you can click here.

His is a little taste of what goes on in the life of Spies, Spooks, and Hackers™.
Making a Cypher